Some of the places women go to may destroy their marriages. The places and relationships they establish as outlined below are what can end the happiness of a woman and her man.


It’s worse if your wife is always hanging out with unmarried friends. Yeah, your husband may be liberal and open-minded enough to let you go out with your friends. But if you ask me, there must be limitations and constraints on certain arrangements. She’s going to be tricky when you’re not around and flirts. If this is allowed to happen, the chances of cheating on you are very high. In addition, if the ‘friends’ she hangs out with are not married, they will negatively affect her in ways that could destroy her marriage.

The topics they ‘re likely to talk about when on wine will most likely turn out to be how good or poor you ‘re between the sheets, how much you make, and how little you give to her. They ‘re going to tell her that she seemed more bubbly when she was single and shouldn’t have jumped into marriage.


As well as being financially motivated by these self-help organisations, women have also been taught to open secret bank accounts. As soon as the chama and her hidden savings make mama to acquire a story, she starts talking to baba like the boss, not adoringly like the wife. Some of the ‘seminars’ they ‘re going to are just outlets for extra-marital affairs.


It’s where people come in looking like plain Jane and come out looking like ‘Becky with nice hair’ that BeyoncĂ© is moaning about in Lemonade. The living room is not an ordinary location. It’s like a gossip armory where you can either split or make what you want. Picture this, Mama Boi ‘s heading to the local hair salon. The salonist is a chatterbox and a snitch of know-it-all. A talk bursts out of the blues when Mama Boi tells them she wants to make her hair because she’s going to move up north, where she’s going to stay for a while because the family’s finances are tight. “I can’t stoop that low to please a man, what do you mean your husband asked you to move up country? Did he marry you to take care of his parents in Geshagi? “Hairdresser A Quips”

“My boy, let me warn you that the man is only looking for an excuse to bring another woman to your home. If things are close, let him beg if he has to, but don’t go anywhere. Mama Boi leaves the living room smoking. The hubby is coming home and she’s telling him that she’s changed her mind. She’s no longer willing to go up country, because if she has to, then they’re moving together, she’s going to say finality. Baba Boi can not fathom what happened to bring about a drastic change of heart. Little does he know that the wife visited the house of sin.


At the risk of being condemned as a sinner, I have to admit that many people have been brainwashed by churches. If your wife’s at a kesha or church women’s conference every night, man, there’s something wrong with your family. As much as we have to put God first, it doesn’t mean that we have to sacrifice our families. I know more about women who love the pastor than they do their husbands. A pastor comes into the house and is like, “Usitoe viatu mchungaji.” She welcomes him warmly and can also use her last savings to handle him.

But if the hubby, tired of a long day in the office and irritated that he was dealing with an annoying boss, staggers at home-into a house he pays for-she rebukes him and yells at the top of her lungs because the poor guy didn’t take off his shoes at the door. And when times are tight and a man says that he uses some of his money for food-to feed his children-he calls him names and argues that he’s good for nothing. Oh, Jesus! Whose god are you serving a woman?

By Yako

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