Kenya has some rich people. Celebrities are part of this crop. Here are some of Kenya’s riches celebrities.


Eric Omondi now threatens to storm State House, wants President Ruto to take 50% pay

Renowned comedian Eric Omondi recently purchased himself and his wife two Mercedes Benz’s for each of them. Eric reaps a lot from ads, promotions, corporate events and news, stands up for comedy shows and several other activities in the media business. He is the richest comedians in Kenya so far.


Akothee: Most Improved Artist in Kenya - Khusoko - East African Markets

A clear description of grass and grace, Akothee It defies all odds of sitting on top of the chart as the richest celebrity in Kenya. It has an interest in music, safari tours (Akothee Safaris) and real estate. Music alone has a lot of money on her, and she has private apartments abroad, in Mombasa, Nairobi and in her hometown of Nyanza.


Daniel Ndambuki Biography, How Much Do You Know This Comedian? ▷

Churchill, or Mwalimu King’ang’i, has tried so hard to keep his private life and property out of the public eye, but he makes millions of dollars for a single show from advertisements to tickets. He’s the founder of the Kenyan comedy show, and obviously he’s paying back nicely.


Kenyans Shocked By The Ksh30,000 Mentorship Program The Kiunas Are Selling To Their Congregation

This power pastoral couple is the richest pastor in Kenya. Their church, the Jubilee Christian Church (JCC) has thousands of followers. They live on a fast road, in large mansions, driving stylish cars and schooling their children at the best international schools in the world.


Muthoni Drummer Queen - Wikipedia

Muthoni Ndonga, popularly known as Muthoni The Queen of Drummers has made millions of her songs. She has foreign tours once in a while, too, and they carry a lot of money. Muthoni is also a Businesswoman, and she is also the brain behind Blankets & Wines, and the event is so hyped that even foreign artists have come to enjoy it. She’s reaping heavily from it.


Vera Sidika net worth - You did not know Vera was this rich ▷

Vera is making money from events where she charges an hour. It has also invested in the salon, clothing and real estate industry, among other sectors of the economy. The voluptuous socialite admits that her life was not a bed of roses, as many would think. She says she had to work extra hard to make the millions she’s still showing off.


Jalang'o biography: Wife, family and career ▷

Jalang’o AKA Felix Odiwuor, a former hot96 radio, Milele FM presenter, worked at Kiss FM and is currently MP for Langata Constituency in Nairobi. He is considered to be among the richest people in Kenya. The net worth is valued at around Sh100 million. He’s going to make a kill out of his career. For eg, when he was at Hot96 FM, he used to earn more than 1 million shillings. At Kiss FM, his pay was believed to be almost 1.5 million Kenya Shillings. Given his riches, he owns a fleet of sleek cars that cost an arm and a leg that includes a Bentley priced at 18 million, a Sh20 million Range Rover Overfinch, a BMW X6 and a Land Rover Discovery. These cars have made a significant contribution to its net worth

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