Have you ever thought of the impact of the name of the lady you are about to get married to? Well, here is a list of ladies whose names automatically mean quality marriage, love, affection and honor. If your girl has any of these names, please waste no more time, just marry her as soon as you can!

1. LUCY. Brings light. They always shine up their men’s lives. They are charismatic, loving and always a blessing to a man. They are hones, always happy and will take you to the moon.

2. JESSICA. This is the ‘hot’ girl. They are always lean in figure, probably have the hourglass and are smoking hot! They will do things you have never been done for by any lady in your entire life.

3.CHARLOTTE. She is an all round aggressive girl. They know how to treat and respect their men, they are good cooks and good mothers too. They are hard working and keen on details.

4.ELIZABETH. Best captioned as LIZ. They are of royalty. They carry themselves with decorum, are executive and are business minded. They always look at making profits in every opportunity they get. If you empower them, they will go to heights you never even thought about. They are entrepreneurial in nature and very respectful to their men even if they have more money than the men.

5.SARAH. She is a princess. They get emotional very easily but are quick to forgive and move on. Never shy of speaking her heart and they are always very genuine. Like a princess, she likes to be pampered and shown love, not just told about love. They love action better than words. But they are very loyal!

6.SOPHIE. Wisdom. If you ever need a lady to help solve your problems in life, job, heart, everywhere, then SOPHIE is the girl. They are always knowledgeable and wise. Their opinions are well thought of and rarely go wrong.

7.LOUISE. She is a warrior! She will fight for whatever she believes in. She never gives up. She will protect her children, husband, parent and friends to her last blood. They are the kind of ladies not to play with their feelings or heart because if they love, they love for real.

8.EMILY. She hates competition. She likes to be herself. Never compare her with other ladies, not even your sister. She respects other people’s space and would wish her’s to be respected too.

By Yako

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