Scholarships for Masters through Erasmus Mundus

The amount of the scholarship includes travel expenses and a monthly stipend of €1,000.
Graduate degrees are acceptable.
The European Union’s training, athletic, and educational initiatives are supported through the Erasmus Plus program. The Joint Masters fellowship is given to graduate students who enroll in these challenging integrated study programs, and they support these students financially.

Please visit the webpage to obtain the information and requirements needed to apply for this award. Along with your application form, you will need to submit a motivation letter, a language proficiency certificate, and transcripts from your prior academic work.

International Excellence Scholarships at UIC Barcelona

Amount: A 20% tuition cost discount
Bachelor’s degrees are required for eligibility.
International students who demonstrate exceptional academic achievement are eligible for international excellence scholarships from the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya – Barcelona. They award this prize each year to a select group of international students.

The applicant must fulfill the academic requirements established by the university in order to be considered for this scholarship in Spain. He ought to have graduated from your secondary high school with an 8 grade point average. Since grading and educational systems vary from nation to nation, the institution will translate these records into the Spanish educational system. You must succeed on the particular test to gain admission to the university.

Finally, all applications will be submitted online, and all supporting materials will be transmitted via the admissions site. As long as you maintain your academic standing and get a grade of 7 as your academic mark at the university, this scholarship is renewable.

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