Please move your chairs behind the white tent there, men, and let’s meet there!

Why do you often whine about how ladies are too picky or difficult to please? Men think that when they accomplish huge feats, women are impressed—hell no! In fact, have you never heard of a woman dating a motorbike instead of a Ferrari? Or haven’t you heard of a woman cheating on the gateman who lives in a shack by leaving a man with a mansion? Please retain your money and your possessions and come learn a little bit about the tiny things that all girls want but won’t ever tell you, men.

1. Breakfast in bed with her.

You’ll ignore this, but it’s the truth. Never before have these women been given food in bed. They are just accustomed to serving the males and working in the kitchen. Bring her some freshly squeezed orange juice or some cupcakes in bed and watch what happens!

2. A quick “I love you.”

You look attractive now. Enjoy the day messages. I am aware that she is aware that you are in love with her. Yet, hey! What would it cost you to give her a little boost of confidence by giving her exams now and then to serve as a reminder? Even when you are around friends, keep complimenting her—but only by text, of course. It’s intriguing and delightful.

3. Push her aside.

I’m not talking about falling over, please. Take her on short excursions where you can go hiking, boating, or just for a stroll in the evenings among the trees. You’ll be able to connect with her better and capture her lovely essence.

4. Attend a date.

a romantic location. Always schedule supper or lunch dates. It doesn’t have to be a pricey location. Even taking her to a restaurant to eat makes her heart melt.

5. She adores flowers

I did not imply that they must be pricey. No. Just something colorful and fragrant would do. Ladies are like flowers, therefore they are drawn to their own, as you can see. Surprise her every so often with a bouquet of flowers, or even just a single stem from the bush. The thought behind this is that she will value your effort more than the quality of the flower.

6. A small surprise dinner made at home.

Cooking her favorite food from time to time is something you can do. Purchase the ingredients, come over to her couch, and serve the meal. Make her feel pampered. She has always taken care of you in that way, if anything.

7. Always, always, always complement.

Praise her in front of her mates. But avoid doing it purely out of obligation. They can tell when it’s a plastic compliment, so please don’t fake it.

By Yako

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